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Why spend $400 on the newest driver? Having the best woods or irons won't help you hit the ball better. What you need is a better swing. Try the one training aid that works! The PowerXSwing™!

All golfers want to hit the ball longer and straighter. By eliminating two common golf swing flaws, reverse pivot and improper coil, the PowerXSwing™ will put your swing on the right path to more distance and control.

When you step into the PowerXSwing™ you will notice the resistance on the bar behind your knee. The PowerXSwing™ creates hip turn resistance in your swing. This resistance will keep your hips from overturning as you initiate your back swing. This is the first step in eliminating a reverse pivot and creating the power you’re searching for.

With practice, PowerXSwing™ keeps the club head on plane so in your downswing you don't get the club stuck behind you or come over the top resulting in hooks and slices. Your club head will approach the ball on a better path, squarely impact on the club face, and create a solid hit.


The PowerXSwing™ is based on the proven theory taught by top teaching professionals in golf today. The creation of power in a golf swing is the hips providing resistance to the upper body thus producing a coiling effect.

A common misconception is that a longer swing and bigger arc result in more power or hitting the ball farther. What creates power in the golf swing is the differential between the shoulder turn and the hip turn. This is the X in PowerXSwing™.

The best golfers create as much shoulder turn as their body is capable of while not allowing their hips to overturn. To maximize your power, you must coil properly. The PowerXSwing™ was created to physically restrict your hip turn and keep your club on plane.





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